General Rules

  1. The school expects students to maintain a high profile of general behaviour.
  2.  All students must speak in English inside the class room and try to extend this habit outside also.
  3. Student must reach the school in time and attend the assembly regularly, maintain perfect discipline.
  4. Students are strictly prohibited from going out of the school during school hours.
  5. All students are informed to bring their lunch & water bottle. No body is allowed to go out for lunch or go for drinking water during classes.
  6. Students who reach the school late has to wait near gate. The duty teacher will enter their names in late reporting register and sing in their dairy.
  7. Students should be in proper and neat uniform on all working days including School function and Examinations.
  8. Students should be polite, friendly and well behaved in and outside the school. They should be respectful to their elders and teachers.
  9. In absence of teachers, the class perfect assumes the responsibility of maintaining disciplines. She/he is not permitted to punish the students but to report to the Discipline in charge or routine in Charge.
  10. Students found damaging furniture and electrical fitting will be dealt with severely. The damage to the school property must be made good by the parents of that particular student. The decision of the school authorities regarding the amount to be paid will be final.
  11. Students must not leave the class room without the permission of the teacher.
  12. No books or material other than text notes, class note books and writing materials shall be brought to the school.
  13. Mobile phone, cassettes, magazines etc. should not be brought to school. If found and collected by the Director Principal will not be returned.
  14. The students should keep their classroom, blackboard, corridor and school campus clean and tidy. Throwing papers through windows are prohibited. Waste materials should be deposited in the dustbin.
  15. Students should actively participate in co –curricular activities, school function etc.
  16. Students are not allowed to wear gold and precious ornaments expect ear studs by girls students. No extra make up materials like lipsticks, nail polish are allowed.
  17. Collect the text books, note books, uniforms and stationary items from the school premises.
  18. Complete the home works and class assignments regularly. Students standing outside the class room due to punishment given by teachers are answerable to the principal.
  19. Study your lessons regularly and complete the home works at home. Take the class test and exams seriously.
  20. Discipline should be maintained during assembly, class hours, intervals, lunch breaks and leaving time.
  21. Stand and queue while entering into the school bus, playing fee and collecting things from the school.
  22. Students are themselves responsible for their belongings such as books, umbrella, Tiffin boxes etc.
  23. Students should not bring money to school without reason. If any body brings money for playing fee, it should be paid immediately after reaching the school. School is not responsible for the loss of money and no complaint to this effect be entertained.
  24. No student is allowed to bring camera / handy cam / tape recorder or so, in the school or during any celebration.