Important Suggestion to Parents

Good education is the joint effort of the school and the parents. So full co-operation of the parents is earnestly solicited. Children learn not from the class room alone but from other sources, home, books, friends, library, cinema, T.V etc. Hence parents have great responsibility to pay attention to them. Each child is being unique with different interests, skills and talents, parents should desist from comparing one with another, be it at home or school.
It sometimes happens that children complains to their parents concerning school matters, parents are requested to inform the principal such matter and to with hold their judgment until proper investigation is made. A little care in such things often prevents unhappy consequences.
Additional academic support is provided in the school outside school hours for students who are identified weak or poor in study by the Director/ Principal on the basis of suggestion from teachers and parents.
If your child has habits or traits or character which needs special watching, the matter may be reported to the principal.